Bike Tour Hot Spring & Maasai Visit

Working with our friends in the Maasai community, you'll experience the true culture behind this respected community.

Your translator and guide will introduce you to how the Maasai live and the history of this group in East Africa.

Total distance: 29km
Path: Off road/dirt road 
Highlights: Maasai culture, swimming at the Hotspring

Full Itinerary

We start our epic ride early in the morning and are accompanied by our English-speaking guide. The road takes us through beautiful landscapes: African bushland where we see dried-up river beds, baobab and acacia trees and sugar cane plantations.

Once we arrive in the village, please remember to be a respectful guest and don‘t take pictures of the villagers without asking. During the visit you will have a chance to mingle with the Maasai and chat with them, but your social skills and creativity will determine how much they open up to you. Your English-speaking guide will assist you and translate into Kimaasai, as the Maasai themselves do not speak any other languages.

Whilst you walk through the village with your guide, you will learn more about the culture of the Maasai. This will include a lesson on traditional Maasai medicine and the opportunity to taste the local Maasai tea. We will also have the opportunity to visit a Maasai home, you will also get chance to dress like maasai as is the one of the African tribe that’s still dress traditional, after dressing maasai shuka (clothes) they will welcome you to their traditional songs and dancing, they will sing and dance with you.

Early afternoon will ride back to the Kikuletwa Hotspring for swimming and lunch.

After this beautiful day we will start to drive back to Arusha /Moshi town.


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